Choosing a Therapist

Shrink Rap: Tag! You’re It! Choosing A Shrink

Finding the right person to be your shrink, your child’s shrink or your couples shrink is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. Not quite as important as finding the right mate or life partner, but right up there with finding the right person to be your estate lawyer or general practitioner. Unfortunately, most people treat finding a shrink the way they do finding a plumber after a major pipe has burst in the master bath. They rush to the (now soggy) yellow pages and let large lettering, familiarity of last names or placement on the page be their guide.

It isn’t always possible to be thoughtful about choosing a shrink, but the more thoughtful you are, the more successful your choice will be. Being thoughtful means doing a little investigation before the psychological hot water pipes burst.

Word of mouth is important. Whose mouth the word comes from is even more important. Continue reading