Toby & Thin Ice

Toby by Marc TalbertToby

Most bright kids think their parents are retarded, at least some of the time.  Toby’s parents actually are.  They can’t help him with his homework.  They can barely support themselves financially.  Should he live in a foster home?  What is most important:  being smart or having heart?

“Talbert has woven a story filled with unforgettable characters.” – School Library Journal

“Readers have a work of rare power.” Publishes Weekly

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Thin Ice by Marc TalbertThin Ice

Martin’s parents have divorced and he is doing poorly at school.  His teacher calls his mother in for a conference.  How does Martin feel when his mother starts dating his teacher?  If the frigid emotions around him begin to thaw, what will happen to the ice on which he’s been standing?  Also published in Great Britain.

“Much to admire and even more to think deeply about” Junior Bookshelf

“Thin Ice is beautifully written. Publishers Weekly

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