Star of Luis & Heart of a Jaguar by Marc Talbert

Star of LuisStar of Luis

Luis, a boy growing up in New Mexico at the time World War II begins, discovers a shocking secret about his family.  Suddenly, the most important question in his life becomes:  Who am I?

“Because of the author’s dexterous touch, this novel is both leisurely and fast paced.” – School Library Journal

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Heart of a Jaguar

Balam, a Mayan boy, lives on the Yucatan Peninsula during a drought about eight hundred years ago.  How do the Maya view life and death?  What is the nature of their spirit world?  How does time weave in and out of Maya reality?  Will a young man’s ultimate sacrifice help bring needed rain for his people?

“[Talbert] creates a resonant coming-of-age story while respectfully illuminating a culture that, to modern eyes, at first appears remote and barbarous.” Publishers Weekly.

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