Rabbit in The Rock & The Paper Knife

Rabbit in the Rock by Marc TalbertRabbit In The Rock

Bernie is a girl who has grown up on her family’s dude ranch in New Mexico.  While horseback riding she discovers a boy (the lead singer of a famous “boy band”) who has run away from the pressures of his life.  At what point does helping someone become harmful to that person and to oneself?

“Once again, Talbert’s razor-keen prose illuminates the often confusing state of growing up. His matter-of-fact handling of sexual themes is to be lauded.” Publishers Weekly

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The Paper Knife by Marc TalbertThe Paper Knife

Jeremy holds a dreadful secret.  He has been sexually abused.  For protection he carries a scrap of paper in his pocket describing some of the abuse.  It is his “paper” knife.  Unfortunately, the paper is stolen and his teacher is falsely accused of the abuse he has suffered.  Will Jeremy ever feel safe again?  Will he ever be able to trust or be trusted?  Also published in Germany.

“Jeremy’s plight and its resolution will hold readers while conveying a valuable message.” Kirkus Review

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