Pillow of Clouds & Double or Nothing

Pillow of Clouds by Marc TalbertPillow of Clouds

Chester’s parents have divorced.  While spending the summer with his father and his father’s girlfriend the time comes for him to choose which parent he should live with.  Mother or father?  New Mexico or Iowa?  Can he take care of his parents’ needs while taking care of his own?

“This “problem” novel easily transcends the genre, due to the freshness and clarity of Talbert’s vision and the integrity of his writing.”  Publishers Weekly

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Double Or Nothing

Sam’s uncle, a magician, dies.  Sam inherits his uncle’s magic tricks.  What is magic?  Is it tricking others to believe things that aren’t true?  Or is there such a thing as magic?  Also published in Columbia.

“Talbert  expresses poetic, keenly perceptive ideas about people and their visions of the world.”  Publishers Weekly

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