Altogether Ernest & Holding the Reins

Almost ErnestNEW! Altogether Ernest

Altogether Ernest introduces the world to Ernest Hopkins, fourteen and a poet of explicit honesty and fearless language. He is not a man but is growing beyond childhood. He is hopeful about adulthood but confused about what he is supposed to think and feel about many things, especially sex. It doesn’t help his confusion that he finds himself falling in love.

The reader is privileged to witness Ernest’s private thoughts and feelings as he navigates this key passage of his adolescent life. He craves honor and meaning in a world that often seems contradictory and crazy.

With humor and the insight of being a teacher, father, and psychotherapist specializing in children and young adults, Marc Talbert gives a distinctive and winning voice the moral and existential questions we all face.

ALTOGETHER ERNEST is the first in a series that will follow Ernest on his journey toward maturity and joy, a journey in which the reader will navigate, with Ernest, the moral landmines and mixed messages that come with being part of our culture. As Ernest himself says in the introduction to this collection of poetry: “Nobody wants their story to begin with them sitting on a toilet. But mine does.” It is such honesty and earthiness that readers will find disarming and transformative.

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Holding the Reins by Marc TalbertHolding the Reins

Four young women, who live and work on ranches in the American west, are profiled in words (by me) and photographs (by Barbara Van Cleve).  Sheep and cattle in places as diverse as Utah and Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  How does growing up on a ranch affect a young woman’s approach to life?

“This look at these unique lives will educate those who have no clue about the realities of ranching.” School Library Journal


“An interesting, insightful book that does not romanticize its subject.” Booklist

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