Small Change & The Trap by Marc Talbert

Small Change

Tom and his family are on a beach vacation in Mexico.  He is bored stiff and cranky.  In the aftermath of an unexpected and violent  uprising, a local family takes Tom and his younger sister with them as they flee to their village in the mountains.  Tom is immersed in a culture very different from his own.  The Mexican coin in his pocket may be small change . . . or is it?

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The Trap by Marc TalbertThe Trap

Ellie is scared of the coyotes that live around her house.  When her cat, Bob, is eaten by one she vows revenge.  Her plan goes horribly wrong.  What do our fears teach us about ourselves?  Is it possible to admire those things we fear in life–and to accept them in our lives?

“Talbert takes a conventional idea and tweaks it with fine writing and careful characterization. ” — School Library Journal

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