A Sunburned Prayer & The Purple Heart

A Sunburned Prayer by Marc TalbertA Sunburned Prayer

On Good Friday every year, thousands of pilgrims walk to a remote church, the Santuario de Chimayo to collect holy dirt that many people believe cures afflictions.  Eloy sneaks away to make the grueling seventeen-mile pilgrimage from his house for his grandmother who is dying of cancer.  What is faith?  Can faith help miracles to happen?  Also published in France.

“The child-grandparent link will appeal to a much wider audience than will the pious traditions Talbert describes, which may not be widely known, and readers will find the portrait of Eloy’s older, teenage brother, who is certainly no saint, rich in realistic detail.” Booklist

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The Purple Heart by Marc TalbertThe Purple Heart

Luke’s father has come home with a Purple Heart from being wounded in the Vietnam War.  His father is a changed man.  What is a hero?  Can one be a hero and vulnerable at the same time?

“Talbert again proves his mastery at evoking the turbulence of preadolescence, when so much is felt but so little can be expressed. In few words and with laserlike illumination of detail, he creates a compelling, resonant tale that should appeal beyond the recommended readership. ” Publishers Weekly

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