About Marc Talbert

Life has a way of leading us in unexpected directions, and becoming a psychologist was not on my radar as I set out to find my way in life. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until 2003 that I returned to school to get my Master’s Degree with an emphasis on Depth Psychology.

From an early age, I loved reading and writing. Summers during my college years, I worked at a camp for diabetics outside of Cleveland, Ohio where I feel in love with teaching. Combining my interest in reading, writing, and teaching, I majored in elementary education with a minor in journalism.

While still at school, I wrote for local papers, then went on to teach elementary school, a job I loved. Then, on a trip to New Mexico in 1980, I met Moo Thorpe, the woman who became my wife, and decided to pursue writing as a career.

After working as a technical writer and editor at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Moo and I moved to Washington, DC, where I became a speechwriter for the Director of the National Science Foundation. It was during that year in Washington, 1985, that I wrote my first novel, Dead Birds Singing.

Back in New Mexico, I wrote novels full time, and realized how much I enjoyed delving into the mind of my characters. This led to the realization that combining psychological counselling with writing would be the perfect fit for me.

In 2004 I earned a Masters degree in depth psychology, which is characterized by a Jungian focus on the inner workings of the subconscious. Story and myth have always been important to me, and I appreciate how depth psychology uses these to help uncover and resolve the issues that keep both children and adults from moving comfortably through life.

I’ve always loved working with children. As the happily-married father of two daughters who, like your children, face the difficulties of a rapidly changing tumultuous world, I’m thrilled to be able to help both children and parents resolve some of the more troublesome issues they face.

If you or your children – or your relationship – is going through a rough period, I hope you’ll call for a free, no-obligation consultation so we can work together to help you and your family members find inner peace.

Call me at 505-780-0309 to set up your appointment.