Compassionate, Non-Judgemental Counseling

To see. To feel. To understand. To accept. To grow.

These are the qualities I foster to allow my clients to move beyond feeling stuck and trapped in their lives.  Working together, I guide clients through a process to help move them forward based on who they really are, and not determined by their past or a future they feel destined to live.

Based on trust, respect, and non-judgment my clients find safe ways to explore and express feelings and actions that would overwhelm friends and family.  The work is not always easy, but it can liberate, enlighten, and inspire.

Each client and each situation is unique.  While my process is tailored to meet the needs of each individual, generally this is how I work:

Children (0 – 9) — Having not yet developed verbal and social skills I use play therapy and story telling to gain insight into their feelings, fears, and challenges.  Through play and story telling I help them gain new understanding and positive ways to deal with friends, family, and school.

Teens (10 -18) — Teens often feel confused, unwanted, discouraged, and depressed as they navigate the change from childhood to adulthood.  I help unravel the knots and feelings, fears, and challenges that they have so they can gain confidence in themselves and establish healthy boundaries, communication with friends and family, and their larger community.

Parents — Parenting is one of life’s most complicated and challenging roles. And often parents need an outlet for their frustrations.  I offer coaching and insight as to how to coop with children and teens behavior, and how to find relief and positive strategies for home life.

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